Liverpool Debt Collector

Liverpool Debt Collector

Debt Collectors Liverpool

Liverpool Debt Collectors are a UK-based agency specialising in recovery and collection of all sorts of debt. We have our office in Liverpool but our outreach is worldwide. Unpaid accounts of all sorts are our forte. No matter where you are in the world, we can reach you and we can recover your outstanding debt. Our trained staff can help with all sorts of commercial unpaid debts- large or small. We can also help you with longstanding debts as our team is well equipped legally and otherwise to handle such cases.

Whenever you feel like your business is slow or stagnant only because of the money that is locked with your debtors, give us a call and we will be at your service.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Since we have the most modern practices and technology at our disposal, we offer a success rate envied by our competitors. We are prompt in our delievery and transparent in our methodology.

Liverpool Debt Collectors is a group of highly motivated individuals and we actively seek challenging contracts that include old debt that has turned into bad debt. Our record speaks for itself.

Although we offer a range of payment options, our fixed price recovery scheme is reverred in the industry as we offer hassle free and transparent one-stop solution to all your debt collection needs.We believe that all needs are special and every customer is unique. This is why you might not find us selling debt recovery options on phone. We also do not base our fees based on your paying capacity. Our methods are totally unique and there is a level of honesty that you can expect from us once you join hands with us.

We provide every client of ours with trained staff members who act as their personal dedicated debt recovery agents and cater to specific industry needs and match their expectations to the fullest.

Whenever you make a call to us, you can be assured that you will be greeted by a real human voice and not a machine. That is how much we value the human touch.

Our Clientele

This section just exists to show that we have possibly no limits to the range of work we undertake and accomplish. Our clients range from individual merchants, small industries, professionals, MNCs, blue chip companies and even the Public Sector companies.

We collect debts for professionals from many fields including commercial businessmen, engineers, architects, manufacturers, merchants, doctors, accountants and also large international companies that deal with public servies, construction, consulting and information technology. Commercial businesses of any kind are also a part of our large clientele. If you have a debt- no matter the size, we have the solution.

How We Collect Debt

We have skilled and proficient debt collectors in our team. We employ both traditional methods like homes visits and phone calls and modern means of communication including SMS, email and other means to reach the debtors.

Our debt collectors, after taking due permissions, may also visit the houses of your debtors and discuss terms of repayment. All the disputes are brought to the table and solved one by one by our trained staff. Negotiations regarding payments are made and there is little wiggle room left for the debtors when it comes to repayment.

Our in-house CRM network keeps a track of regular installments in case we decide to go the installment path. In case there is delay or irregularity regarding the payments, our expert team quickly springs to action.

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