Dealing With Debt Collectors Uk

Dealing With Debt Collectors Uk

A debt collectors company can seem like a loan shark if you allow them to use unscrupulous means for debt recovery. It is necessary to know that you have certain rights along with responsibilities when it comes to paying debt to your creditors.

In this business of cut throat competition, some companies do not adhere to the legal norms and regulations. In such cases, you have to understand that debt collectors are not above the law. UK Debt Collectors hereby presents to you the methods and techniques of dealing with debt collectors.

  1. Understand who is your lender and how much is the debt.

- Ask the debt collector agency to state in clear terms the amount and also the details of the lender. If you do not believe that you owe the debt, do not be intimidated by the practices employed by the debt collectors.

- Telephone calls and personal visits are difficult to record. It is advised that you request your collection agency to contact you only via letters. The written word holds much power and reduces the chances of illegal practices.

  1. Be clear in your rebuttal.

- In case you are sure that you have been contacted wrongly, you have to format a strongly worded message that states that you have no knowledge of such a debt.

- It helps to keep a copy of this letter with yourself so that they do not get to bother you over and over again.

  1. Understand the procedure for making the payment.

- In case you do owe the money and are willing to pay, please do not hurry with the payment without paying due attention to the procedure.

- It is obvious that to avoid court case and bailiff involvement, you should speed up the debt payment process but please keep some things in mind.

- Always request that you are sent a written bill for the debt in advance to your residential address.

- Make sure that you pay by card or cheque so that the payment is easy to track.

- Also request that your credit file is promptly updated after making the payment.

- In case you must pay by cash, do get a written receipt of the transaction.

  1. Understand the procedure for making a delayed payment.

- Before taking the decision of redrawing the terms of debt repayment, please get in touch with independent charity institutions and evaluate your options.

- A debt charity helps you get a breather by pushing the deadline by 30 days. In this period, you may pull your finances back in shape and make the payment that is required to keep your debt collectors at bay.

- Under normal circumstances, it is usually sufficient to make smaller payments on regular intervals of time to keep the creditors from taking legal action.

  1. Understand that no one can barge into your home.

- Debt collectors do not get to come knocking on your doorstep uninvited. They also do not have the right to break into your house causing property damage of any kind. Strict legal action can be taken against them in such cases.

- The Debt Collectors can be told in written that the only means of communication between you and them would be letters. This would save you the trouble of unwarranted phone calls and home visits.

- The role of the debt collector is to discuss your repayment options peacefully. It is essentially the mediation services that they provide between you and the original lender.

- Debt Collectors are different from Bailiffs. Bailiffs do have the right to gaining peaceful entry in your house which means that they too many not break into your house uninvited. An open door or window may be used by the Bailiffs for gaining an entry.

- Only in cases where there are a magistrate’s orders or if you have unpaid Income Tax, criminal fine or VAT, the Bailiff can break into your house. But this option is to be used as a last resort.

  1. Understand that no one can snatch away your livelihood.

- Debt collectors again have no legal rights to take away anything from your house. Please understand that Debt Collectors are not legal authorities.

- Bailiffs however, acting as government officials may take luxury items like cars from your premises. They cannot take things that do not belong to you or things that are absolutely necessary for your livelihood. Your day to day things like clothes, furniture, cookers etc. are safe.

- Bailiffs may take things from outside the house like garden equipment and vehicles.

  1. Understand how safe your wages are.

- After a County Court Judgment has been given and a certain amount of time has passed, the debt collectors or bailiffs can take court approval to start proceedings against you.

- The court approval would allow them to take your pay directly from your employer.

- This court order though has its limits.

- The debt collector firm cannot get the court approval if you are either self-employed or do not have a job.

- This order can also not be given in case you are in the merchant navy or the armed forces.

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